Protectorion Data Safe Free

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developer:Braincell consult research GmbH
size in Kb:3,150
platform: Windows, Windows XP, Windows Vista
our rating:5 Stars
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Protectorion Data Safe Free

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Description:   Protectorion Data Safe encrypts files and folders and protects passwords.The software prevents hackers and other unauthorized persons from reading and misusing confidential data on PCs, stolen laptops and lost flash drives. Manage all encrypted files and protected passwords directly within Protectorion. Powerful and easy to use on-the-fly encryption - on PCs, flash drives and external hard disks.
Key features:
1. Strong and fast encryption for all data with AES 256 bit.
2. Seamless Windows integration via Drag & Drop.
3. All data can be managed directly within Protectorion.
4. Deleted files are irrevocably erased.
5. Encrypted backup copies can be created.
6. Password Safe for keeping passwords (e.g. for e-banking).
7. Windows Miniapp for easy encryption without opening the safe.
8. Integrated Fast-Access and Auto-Lock Mode.

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